Drye Moment
A moment of beauty and bliss coming from a small detail in life.


Coffee first thing in the morning

Undress to take a shower

But wait, let's play that new track first

Eyes closed, water running down our faces

A warm, soft towel to dry with

One last look in the mirror,

Now let this day begin!

Out & About

What if there was a towel that was so cosy, so cheerful and so soft that it would be impossible to part with?

We've created Drye towels such that on the Velour side they have a perfect velvet-y feel, making it your best companion from a rooftop in Shoreditch to a beach in Bali...

And the Terry cotton side is all you need after a hot shower in the morning. 

It's called: two-in-one. 

Colors & Design

We consider ourselves anti-white towels.

That's only because we get a kick out of a beautiful design that energizes us every time we land our eyes on it.

Drye towels take inspiration from Art Deco designs and blend various geometric shapes together.

The result is a towel bursting with personality, a towel that can brighten up your mood and your room.

You're welcome!


Drye was born and is based out of Hackney, East London.

Our towels are 100% cotton and are woven in the Portuguese countryside.

Every single Drye towel has a hand-sewn finish by artisans who have been making the finest towels for over 40 years.

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